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Storing your beloved clothes in a smart way is crucial to making them last and feel fresh for longer. We have gathered some tips on how to store your textiles gently and neatly.

Organize & optimize 
Organizing your closet should be something to look forward to. The easiest way to maintain a neat and inspiring closet is to keep it seasonal. Fill your closet only with garments that fit the current weather and sort out all the clothes that you no longer need or that do not fit quite right. Donate or sell the items that you are not keeping so that someone else can enjoy them. If you have a smaller closet, our Space Saving Hanger is a smart solution that can further optimize your closet space.

How to organize your closet
Keep pests away
Moths and carpet beetles can destroy natural textile fibers, like wool, cotton, and silk. There are a few ways to protect your clothes from these pests. The scent of cedar will repel clothes moths, their larva, and other bugs. Spray your clothes with cedar oil or store them with pieces of cedarwood. Scraping the wood occasionally will help spread the scent. Another solution is to use moth crystals made of paradichlorobenzene, or balls made of naphthalene. Avoid storing dirty or smelly garments, as this can attract vermin.