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How to prepare your wardrobe for spring

As winter rolls into spring, it’s a perfect opportunity to move your bulky winter jackets out of the way and create space for your breezy garments. Here’s how to refresh your closet in time for the spring season.

The seasonal wardrobe

Some garments are seasonal. This is especially true if you live in a part of the world where the weather changes dramatically with each season. If this sounds familiar to you, re-organizing your wardrobe seasonally can be a fun and easy way to make room for the garments that match the current weather. It may be tempting to buy new summer clothes, but there are a lot of things you can do to refresh your existing wardrobe.

Preparing your seasonal wardrobe should never feel like a chore. We believe that this can be a joyful tradition and even something to look forward to. This article will list some simple and inspiring ways to renew and refresh your closet in preparation for the spring season.

Make room for brighter times

A good place to start is to move your heavy winter clothes out of the way to make room for your spring and summer garments. When your closet is filled to the brim, it is easy to forget what you own and neglect clothes that are stored out of sight. The easiest way to combat this is to keep your closet light and airy and to occasionally rotate your garments. This way, you can maintain a closet space that feels inspiring and accessible.

There are some precautions you can take to make sure your winter clothes remain fresh while stored away off-season. For example, knits and other delicate sweaters should be folded since hangers can cause them to lose their shape. Another great trick is to spray cedar tree oil on your clothes to keep the clothes moths and fur beetles away. Read more about storing winter clothes.

Dust off your favorite pieces

Sometimes it does not take much to freshen up your clothes that have been tucked away off-season. Some garments just need to be dusted off. A common way to remove lint, dust, and hair is to use a disposable lint roller. But this can be counteractive as the sticky tape will leave glue residue on your garment and essentially turns your clothes into magnets for new dust and fuzz. Therefore, we recommend using a reusable clothing brush to remove any type of loose surface dirt.

If your textiles have developed pilling or bobbles of excess fibers, do not throw them out. You can use a fabric shaver to shave them right off. This simple trick will dramatically transform the appearance of your worn garments and make them look brand new again.

Freshen up your clothes

Spring and summer garments that are worn in warmer weather are often made of materials that are extra prone to wrinkling, like silk and linen. These fabrics can benefit from a quick steam treatment when you bring out your spring wardrobe. Steaming is a gentle way to smoothen out creases and wrinkles, nourish the textile fibers, and remove stale odors and bacteria that can develop when clothes are stored in a tight space for a long time.

Another quick and effortless way to freshen up your wardrobe in time for warmer weather is to spritz them with some fabric spray. This is not to disguise any unpleasant odors, but rather to add that little extra touch of freshness in addition to steaming. If you feel like your garments could benefit from some air circulation, it can also be helpful to let them air out overnight.

Washing should always be a last resort used only if steaming or airing out does not help. When you do wash your clothes, be sure to only use gentle specialized detergents, wash at a low temperature, choose a gentle washing cycle, and avoid tumble drying. If you follow these simple steps, your clothes will last much longer without looking washed out.

Mend and repair garments

This is also a perfect time to mend any clothes that need to be repaired. With the right tools and guidance, mending can be both easy and rewarding. Make sure to keep a sewing kit handy so you can easily re-attach buttons, mend ripped seams to extend the lifespan of the items you love. Steamery’s sewing kit comes with easy step-by-step tutorials for some of the most common mending techniques. Watch our mending guides here.

Once you feel comfortable sewing, you can also add your own flair to your old garments by choosing distinct thread colors to mend a seam or patch up a hole with an unexpected pattern or textured fabric.

Organize and color coordinate

When your spring garments feel refreshed, it is time to organize your closet in a way that is easily accessible and easy on the eyes. One way to do this is to color coordinate all your garments and hang all your prints on one side. Or you can try to pre-plan outfits by hanging matching items together. Have fun with it and organize your clothes in a way that is functional and looks aesthetically pleasing to you. Read more about organizing your closet.

Play with different styles, try on clothes you have not worn in a while, and donate clothes you no longer need. Whatever makes you feel inspired to wear the clothes you already own and love. Because the most sustainable garment is one that is worn over and over.

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